The tax department aims at assisting the taxpayers in all the steps of the decision-making process: from tax planning to judicial tax litigation.  It works closely with the other departments in order to deliver the firm’s full service. 

The matters pertaining to corporate income tax are the use of incentives such as the exemption of capital gains on shares, the notional interest deduction, and the patents tax incentive.  The tax advantages of using the Belgium-China and Belgium-Luxembourg routes for the companies’ investments are dealt with swiftly in connection with our Chinese and Luxembourg offices.  Mergers and acquisitions raise a number of issues, not only for the companies involved, but for the shareholders. For the companies, the right choice of proceeding with the restructuration shall be planned and, as the case may be, a ruling procedure shall be conducted. The department accepts to carry out practical activities such as the filing of tax returns for non-residents corporations and non-profit entities and is also keen on dealing with accounting law issues.

Individual tax issues that are dealt with by us are the tax aspects of international assignments, tax domicile transfers, salary splits (incl. tax estimates), opportunity to transfer an individual business to a company (with tax computation), stock option plans and private estate planning (e.g., usufruct on buildings or shares, tax amnesty in respect of undeclared income, tax regime of trusts and foundations…).

Nearly all the taxpayers are confronted with the real estate tax levied by the regions, as well as the communal tax authorities. The real estate tax is likely to be reduced in a number of cases and the local taxes may generate a very substantial tax burden which means that exposure must be determined well in advance depending on the local regulation applicable.

As far as VAT is concerned, our activities include: structuring of real estate projects with optimized treatment (VAT deduction, reduced VAT rates…), the ascertainment of the VAT regime of non-profit associations, of the place of the transaction for VAT purposes in international transactions, foreign VAT refund, and judicial disputes.  We also provide assistance in respect of customs duties, especially in respect of goods imported from China.